Monday, September 20, 2010

Steve Jobs is a man of few words

A recent story has come out in regards to a "pissing match" that Steve Jobs was involved in with a college girl over not receiving a price quote for some iPads. The student had contacted Apple PR numerous times but never received a response.  Now Steve has a history of responding to e-mails sent to him directly, so the girl thought what the hell I'll e-mail him.  The girl indicated that the iPads were "essential to her academic performance".  I think that is where she made the mistake, Steve promptly responded with "Our goals do not include helping you get a good grade. Sorry". The girl sent him another e-mail and back and forth the go. To make a long story short Steve finally responded with "Please leave us alone". WOW! Now  the kicker to me is that Steve had sent multiple e-mails back and forth with the girl.  Really?! You would think he would have responded once and told the Apple PR department to get on the job and handle it.  Thats what employees are for, to handle certain tasks and this is a prime example of why Apple has a PR and sales department.  Not sure who in Apples  corporate team dropped the ball but Steve should be more upset with his staff than the girl.

Link to story from gawker.


  1. Seen before too.. should ink the article.. oh wait you did =P but i don't know if it was a she exactly? =P

  2. iPads essential for academic perfomance xD?
    a pen and a collegeblock do the trick.
    give that cow a coup de grace.