Saturday, September 18, 2010

Apple to break exclusivity with AT&T

By making this post I am predicting that Apple with break its exclusivity contract with AT&T in late January 2011.  The rumor mill buzz is that Apple is working on a CDMA band IPad.  My curiosity has been peaked by the fact that the IPad was not specifically designed for use with AT&T only.  AT&T has the phone by Apple's tablet has no exclusivity with AT&T, the data package was just easy for Apple to implement with AT&T since their existing business deal with the IPhone.  I don't see anything indicating that the IPad has to stay on AT&T.  The leads me to believe that if a CDMA version of the IPad is released the IPhone won't be far behind. Penny for your thoughts, please comment.


  1. Yeah man I can't wait until Verizon is on it! Ill follow you to keep up to date!

  2. My thoughts? I don´t like Apple so I don´t really care :>